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Featured LandmARks

Creators featured: StealthySteve, hi, Downey, Rusty, treefr0gg, Baselifter, caseyalec, themonkeyjack, TechyMitch1

(Note: If you are the creator of any of the featured landmarks above and would like your landmarks removed from this page, please email me)

Shutdown Announcement

After five years, more than 500 users, and hundreds of LandmARks placed across six continents, I have decided to discontinue development on LandmARk. I initially planned on retiring LandmARk entirely, but after taking a look at LandmARk's user analytics, I realized that there are still several users actively creating landmarks around the world. As a result, I have decided to keep LandmARk available to its current active userbase. Although I consider LandmARk to have been a success, it is clear to me that its current iteration is no longer viable, and there seems to be little public interest in AR graffiti or public AR artwork on its own. I do have some preliminary ideas for a change of direction and full redesign of LandmARk, but the wider scope of this concept requires much more design overhead than the original version, so I do not yet know if or when this may come to fruition. This has been a fun project to work on, and I'm thankful for the users who remained interested in LandmARk throughout its lifetime.

-Mitchell Augustin, 5/8/2022