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Flagship Projects

Spiral (2020 - present)

Spiral is a program that allows users to take notes in a format similar to a spiral notebook. Unlike traditional word processors and text editors that are configured in a way that makes it difficult to document things in a non-linear fashion, Spiral pages allow users to click anywhere to start typing and easily move elements of their page around the screen. Additionally, all Spiral content is stored in plain HTML files, making it easy for users to view, edit, and export their content from outside of Spiral if you wish.

Spiral is now available for download at the project page below! If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please feel free to reach out through the GitLab issues page and I will address it as soon as I can.

Spiral Logo

Aurora v4 (2018 - 2022)

Aurora v4 is the latest version of the Aurora Interpreter that I built starting in early 2017. Unlike versions 1-3 of the Aurora interpreter, the primary focus of v4 was allowing Aurora to generate completely dynamic responses from the source material she was provided in order to simulate how real people talk in conversation. Like older versions of the Aurora Interpreter, the v4 interpreter is not limited to any one platform. The majority of the source material Aurora's language skills are built on has been provided by my own personal group chat with a few friends, and over the past 5 years, Aurora has picked up on how we speak and has generated numerous realistic (and often comical) responses to our conversations.

If you would like to see a demonstration of Aurora v4, feel free to click the link below. If you still want more info on how Aurora v4 works, you can watch the more in-depth video I made on Aurora's backend, which is linked in the description of the demo video below.

Aurora v4 (Logo by Caide Khoury)

LandmARk (2017 - 2022)

LandmARk is an augmented reality app that allows you to view and place virtual artwork in different locations around the world. By using a combination of augmented reality and GPS technology, LandmARk allows users to interact with the world around them by drawing their own artwork on landmarks. Leave your signature on a watertower, draw a hat on a statue, plant a virtual flag in your yard, or just see what other users have created. With LandmARk, the world is your canvas!

LandmARk development was discontinued on May 8th, 2022. However, LandmARk will remain available for use by existing users. Read more here.


School and Hackathon Projects

Frisbee Dog VR (2023)

Frisbee Dog VR is a virtual reality frisbee dog game for the Oculus Quest I made with my friend Reece Jones for our VR/AR course at Purdue University. In this game, the player is given a frisbee that they need to throw into a dynamically positioned target for their dog to catch. The style of our game is inspired by other frisbee dog video games I played as a kid. To make our game more challenging than other frisbee dog games, we made sure that the user has full range and control over their disc trajectory in a way that more accurately approximates real-world flying disc movement. This means the user has to ensure that the disc arrives in the target at the right time so the dog is able to catch it, as opposed to having the disc's final position as the only determiner of success. Currently, Frisbee Dog VR is more of a prototype than a full game, but we may consider adding more stages/objectives and releasing it as a complete game if there is public interest.

Special thanks to my dog, Tyson for inspiring this idea and eagerly helping me with "field research" for this project.

Frisbee Dog

Late to the Stage (2021)

Late to the Stage is my group's project for CS 307 (Software Engineering I) at Purdue University. Late to the Stage is an arena-style multiplayer game where users can select from a variety of avatars and vehicles that they can pit against each other in a series of fast-paced minigames. Every match in Late to the Stage consists of (in no particular order) a battle royale round, a racing round, a demolition derby round, and a round of "Confusing Captcha," a fun gamemode we added to make sure you aren't a robot. Although all of us had some level of involvement in every aspect of the development process, the parts I focused the most on were the base game mechanics for Confusing Captcha and Demolition Derby, *many* bug fixes, captcha question design, and map design. This project would not have been possible without my groupmates: Parker Lawrence, Lenny Meng, Evan Dunning, Chen Kai Chaung, and William Newton. After the course ended, my group and I decided to open-source our game's codebase in the hope that it might help other game developers who want to familiarize themselves with the Godot engine.

You can try Late to the Stage now by downloading it from the project page below!

Battle Royale Screenshot

Water You Using (2020)

Water You Using is my group's project for BoilerMake VII at Purdue University that provides users with the ability to precisely and effectively analyze their water consumption trends over time. Water You Using uses a network of custom-programmed water sensors that can be integrated directly into a building's water conduits to accurately measure the water usage of any of its faucets, showers, toilets, and other fixtures over time. Through our robust web application, users can learn more about which of their fixtures use the most water and when their peak water-usage times are - two very useful resources in determining how to save water. I was responsible for developing the backend and managing how data would be stored, queried, and returned to the users and the sensor network. This project wouldn't have been possible without my teammates: Levi, who developed the entire sensor assembly, and Sabrina and Kai, who both developed the entire frontend. Water You Using was also selected for the "Best Water Conservation Hack" award by EcoLab.

Water You Using Logo

MIDI Augmentation Program (2020)

This semester, as a part of my main programming course at Purdue, CS 240, our final assignment was a multi-week long project that consisted of writing a full MIDI file manipulation program complete with a parser, augmenter, and library in C using GTK for the UI. Through my program, users can load in a directory as a midi "library" and select any of the loaded midi files from the sidebar to alter. Once a file is selected, the user can manipulate the file in various different ways, such as by changing the tempo, pitch, or instrument mapping of the loaded song. Unfortunately, I cannot share the binary or source for this program since the CS department has instructed us not to do so, but you can click to the right to see a screenshot of what my program looks like when running or click the button below to listen to a few of the augmented songs I generated through the program that I though sounded interesting enough to warrant saving.

My MIDI program

Older Projects

Lockdown Manager (2018)

Lockdown Manager is a school safety app designed to improve communication among students and faculty members in the event of a hostile intruder. With Lockdown Manager, students can initiate a lockdown by simply pressing a button in the app, which sends out a notification to every registered phone in the district that will not stop vibrating until acknowledged directly by the user, ideally allowing the students and staff to be alerted faster than traditional methods. Furthermore, authorized staff members can also send district-wide update notifications with info on the intruder's location, possible escape routes, and any other information that could help improve safety and communication during a crisis.

Aurora v4

Aurora for Android (Current version: Beta 3.1.6) (2014 - 2015)

Aurora (AUtomated Response On Request Application) is a voice activation program that aims to simplify use of your Android device via voice commands. With Aurora, you can perform everyday activities on your Android device by simply telling Aurora to do them for you. For example, you could have Aurora email somebody by simply saying "Aurora, Email Mitchell Augustin," or you could have her call somebody by saying "Aurora, call Mitchell Augustin, mobile." Not only does Aurora offer great assistance to you by performing system tasks on command, but she can also answer questions on many topics! For example, you could ask Aurora about the height of Mt. Everest, what the chemical formula of water is, what the square root of 100 is, and much, much more. Aurora is also great at finding restaurants based on your preferences. With help from Yelp, Aurora can find and show information on many restaurants in your area.

Note: I am no longer actively maintaining Aurora for Android, so I have removed it from the Google Play Store. However, if you'd still like to use it, click the "Download Aurora for Android" button below to sideload the APK. (You will need to enable installation from unknown sources in Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources first)


Aurora for Home Automation (2015 - 2016)

Aurora for Home Automation extends the usability of Aurora by allowing her to control appliances within your home! With Aurora for Home Automation, you have access to all of the resources of Aurora for Android, but you can also control lighting and other appliances with your voice! Aurora for Home Automation even has a live camera stream that saves pictures of its view when motion is detected.

Unfortunately, I do not currently have the resources to operate some of the serverside software that Aurora Home is dependent on, so certain features of Aurora Home are not available to the public.

Aurora Home

SMS Spammer for Android (2017 - 2018)

SMS Spammer is an easy to use text message spammer for Android. With SMS Spammer, you can blast text messages to your friends for as long as you want. Simply select a phone number, enter a message, and press "Start spamming." The spammer will then send several messages per second to the number you entered. Made in one day.

Developer Notice:
-Text & data charges may apply if you do not have unlimited texting. I am not responsible for any charges that you may incur while using SMS Spammer.

-SMS Spammer may not function properly if you aren't using the default SMS client.

-SMS Spammer is no longer available for download.

SMS Spammer

ScoreBert for Discord (2017 - present)

ScoreBert is a scoreboard for your Discord server that I made in a few hours. Each member gets 10 points each month to give to other members whenever they do something cool. Compete with your friends to see who will rank highest on the scoreboard! To use ScoreBert, just click the link below to add it to your server. Simply send the "!help" command for the full command and syntax list. If my version of ScoreBert doesn't work for you, you are welcome to modify the source code below. You can also host your own instance of ScoreBert by obtaining a bot token, downloading the linked jar file, and running "java -jar ScoreBert.jar [token]" with your token. Be aware that ScoreBert automatically generates a SQL database called scores.db that will contain all scoreboard information.

Developer Notice:
Discord and all related names, trademarks, and logos are owned by Discord Inc. | This program was written by Mitchell Augustin and is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0

ScoreBert (Don't ask me why this image is a radioactive toaster)

Spotify Playlist Analyzer (2017 - present)

A simple graphical analyzer for Spotify playlists that represents the artists of any playlist as a pie chart. Made in one day

Developer Notice:
Spotify and all related names, trademarks, and logos are owned by Spotify AB | This program was written by Mitchell Augustin and is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0

Spotify logo

Sonar (2016 - 2017)

Sonar is a social network that is entirely based on audio. With Sonar, you can send audio clips directly to other users with direct messaging, or you can upload them to your wall for anyone to see. With the mobile app, you can also join a channel on a certain topic to be connected with a random person with similar interests.
Unfortunately, I have decided to shut down Sonar. You can read my shutdown announcement below.